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What God would say

from The Collective by gospel lee



I always wondered if God could write a verse for a rap what it would sound like.


I see you cryin' and hurtin' wishin' that pain would go away/You've tried everything but me not hearin' what I got to say/Sent my Son upon that earth to shine past all your clouds of gray/Ill just take you as you are, all you gotta do is turn to me and pray

From the time the earth began, I knew just who you were/I knew of every sad time and I knew just when they'd occur/like that time your dad ran out leavin' you with just your mother/one year later she would die leavin' you with just your brother/then you'd would bounce from one foster home into another/while you seal your broken heart, and tighten the cover/tryin' to ease the pain so yourself in sin you smother/unaware the heart breaks of your one true lover/then finally sixteen you bounce to a christian home/but you've been abused so much your heart's as cold as a stone/they try they best to try to show you love in all that they do/but no matter what they try that love is never getting through/no one could possibly love me not after all the stuff I've done/but I can possibly love you thats why I sent my only Son/no one could possibly love me they don't see the pain inside/but i could possibly love you thats why my only Son died

seventh grade but you've grown up so quickly/'cuz you wanna be like rappers that you see on t.v./you've got every c.d., poster, video/and you save up all your cash just to see them at the show/they always rappin lots of cash and sex makes you a real man/and you only live life once so live it up as best you can/there's a big detail that they done left out of the plan/that when this life is over it's before me you will stand/and when you stand i wont care 'bout your benz or your ice/i'll only wanna know if you know my son Jesus Christ/all the rappers you admired will be scared shakin' like dice/'cuz if you didn't know my Son you must now burn to pay the price/so accept my Son now while you've still got the time/and when you come to me you ain't gotta give up rhyme/strengthen what remains tell of my grace and mercy/and i'll speak my truth through you like i speak through this emcee/

Where all my real Christians at holla back I really wanna know/'Cuz the only ones I'm seein' wear this title just for show/Yeah you feelin' all special like you really set apart/but you really don't love people 'cuz I'm not really in your heart/you supposed to be different supposed to live up in the light/not supposed to be drinkin not supposed to be clubbin every night/shouldn't see them worldly movies shouldn't listen to worldly music/if my sickle looks like wheat, then how can I use it/did you read that Great Commision do you get what it means/now why would lost people want me when you do the same things/now props to all my servants who be swingin holy sword/because you've placed yourself apart great will be your reward/please don't grow weary you gonna reap in due time/your crown of life gon be dope 'cuz its really gonna shine/to all my undercover christians in the near and far lands/if lost people 'round you die then their blood is on your hands


from The Collective, released August 28, 2011




gospel lee Tulsa, Oklahoma

The Most Perfect Picture Of Imperfection.

Quality Hip-Hop For Imperfect People.

Bringing Light To Dark Places.

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