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from The Collective by gospel lee



This song is about wanting to see people from God's viewpoint, because it changes everything.


I need the eyes of the Father so I'm seein what they goin through
heart of the Father so it breaks when they ain't knowin you
feet of the Father so I'm goin' where they goin' to
hands of the Father when I touch 'em they get touched from you

I got a new life I'm standin' so tall/I put my trust in you so ima never fall/and yeah you paid all so ima live right/used to nightcrawl but now I'm steppin in the sunlight/puttin old things down as I walk with the Lord/and with every single step He tryin' to lead me to more/wondering where I'm going how long how far/but then Im finding out I'm on a path to His heart/and all along the way my vision started to change/'cuz some people in my life they just ain't lookin the same/like they missing a piece of themselves and its strange/'cuz I can see their incompletion despite how they re-arrange/destined for destruction complacent with confusion/discouraged disappointed disheartened disillusioned/depressed and distraught for lack of a solution/and its killing me that I don't care that I've got the solution

Woke up in a basement came across a bell/had Jackson written on it had a tale to tell/spoke of desperate people searching with incomplete lives/knew she'd seen the same folks 'cuz she had the she had the same eyes/bewildered and amazed as the bell began to told/talked with power and grace reverberating in my soul/tears streamed out for the children of the King/a passion was ignited and the bell began to sing/of the glory of God and the burden for revival/and how one day youth in the streets would meet the God of the bible/I knew then what I lacked and also what I should be/a bell to ring your truth and love and Holy passion stirred in me

Eyes with the sight of grace see past where you've been where you're from nomatter what you've done/see all where you could go not blinking at all the times you've been back to square one/sees you as a champ not a chump first class all star not defeated 'cuz you overcome/sees life in your future in the face of the face of the haters when they say that you will be undone/feet that walk past what they say when they judge/run to meet you where you're at tryin' to offer you love/different to you 'cuz you've never seen this fashion/feet of God's people supposed to bring compassion/wanna be your hands 'cuz your hands heal/I touch people your touch they feel/can't see you you move through us/your touch in words is not enough/wanna see them when I close my eyes wanna be your truth shed light on the lies/don't wanna sit on the sidelines no more/but I wanna be the best player on the whole floor/would you see though me speak through me/do what you do but please use me/to bring them back so they can see/wanna do the job so Lord I need


from The Collective, released August 28, 2011




gospel lee Tulsa, Oklahoma

The Most Perfect Picture Of Imperfection.

Quality Hip-Hop For Imperfect People.

Bringing Light To Dark Places.

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