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The Crossover (feat. jorge roman)

from The Collective by gospel lee



I used to war for the devil, now I battle for the Lord/All my sin cost so much, ain't no way I could afford/But Jesus paid my debt in full, so I'm brand new and restored/Rhymes and beats are weapons now plus I got that Holy sword-I'm fightin 365 and 24/7/I walk and talk with God like I was one of the eleven/'Cuz this life is a struggle, on and on without end/But with God on my team, ain't no way I can't win/So when I rip tha mic now, I'm straight reppin' jehovah/I pray before every show, that you make the crossover/We takin' dark souls and bring 'em into the light/Give 'em a bible, pray 'em up, and then they ready to fight/'Cuz satan's ready to strike, look like an angel of light/He try with all his might, make you ignore what is right/He try to do this like every day, that's why you gotta read the word and plead the blood when you pray/'Cuz we in a war, and everyday is a battle/Pick up your sword for Christ and baby put down the rattle/Keep in mind, you didn't choose Him, but He choose you/No matter how hard it gets, victory belongs to you

The battle's been fought and won in Jesus name,
You make the crossover now, and you'll never be the same
This Christian life is a struggle, but for those who maintain
The daily walk with God, victory to claim

Got a demon on my left shoulder, angel on my right/One pushin for sin, one pullin for light/One tryin' to shine a light on tha situation/Showin' that choosin' sin only leads to frustration/Livin' for Christ, it ain't no walk in the park/They make it seem easy, but temptation comes hard/Comes to destruct us, make us for get who we are/Comes to persecute us and make the cross seem far/I'm tired of all the guilt and shame devil's givin' me/Livin' in darkness is not on my intinerary/I've tried sin already, come to find, I'm alergic/Seperation from God, it's just not worth it/But sometimes my human mind gets in a stage of confusion/And sometimes its just not clear which one I should be choosin'/But Livin' in the father's will, there's no substution/Devil did you happen to check the score, you're loosin'/So stop accusin' me of all the sin I've done/You may have got your battle, but the war is won/Like I told you before, I'm livin for the son/Showin' demons the door, thanks it's been fun

Baccardi, Trojan, Kris, who needs 'em/Through Christ in heavenly heights, I'm a prince of the kingdom/I can bring my broken heart to the mercy seat, and He'll mend it for me and He'll cleanse it for me/By myself I'm weak, unstopable together/And I shall dwell in the house of the Lord forever/But for now I gotta do my best and serve you here first/Not just when its peechy keen, but when my bad goes to worse/When I need that Livin water, only you can quench my thirst/Because you reign supreme over heaven and the earth/So now I fight for Christ from the cradle to the hearse/And keep demons in Check with my fifteen second verse/


from The Collective, released August 28, 2011




gospel lee Tulsa, Oklahoma

The Most Perfect Picture Of Imperfection.

Quality Hip-Hop For Imperfect People.

Bringing Light To Dark Places.

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