Suicide Mission (WORDS)

from Words & Sounds by gospel lee



Youngin', 16, influenced by what he seen/wanna be like rappers on the TV screen/ paid close attention & they sold him a dream/made him watch the throne told him he could be a king

In the lab like some white mice makin' sure his flow's tight/he can't feel anything until it starts to feel right/put his heart in it for a need from respect/pride kicked in from a need to be the best

Hunger did the rest, pushed him up the ladder/Phantom & the Maybach made him climb faster/samplin' success more than a sip or a savor/did it on his own, yeah he was his own savior

Got a little fame now it's nationwide acclaim/tourin' on a plane plus the pilot know his name/gold gramophones stacked up, five mics racked up/ askin where the game is they say he got it packed up

The dream collapses outa nowhere all the sudden/thought he held the life he wanted, he was holdin' onto nothin/thought he's breakin' ground, he was just diggin a grave/they said he was the king he was just another slave

Not what he signed up for, this is not how he had pictured it/the more he has, the more he needs, the more he's gettin' sick of it/in too deep now, too far to cut his losses/poured his life into this dream and lost his soul in the process

And when it's over, you can't turn it back/time in-between yeah, you can't repeat that/ two ways this is playin' out, only one decision/ and either way you choose it's a suicide mission

Youngin', 16, influenced by what he seen/life sacrificed just so he could be redeemed/made the crossover and be joined a different team/grabbed a pen, grabbed a mic, started speakin' for the king

Message so powerful it'll rock you where you stand /message so simple anyone could understand/ spoke of hope and love from the one who gave breath/ spoke it to the masses gave life and stopped death

The words turned to seeds, got planted into hearts/ told 'em they could do it over, they could have a fresh start/He rocked it with emotion so the heads called it art/it simply brought together what had grown so far apart

Sharpens on his craft, improves on his skill /not to be the greatest, not just so you'll think he's ill/he understands the message should never lack excellence/cuz if that part is missing then the message misses relevance/

Never know the magnitude of all the lives he touched/the eyes he opened up to see the world was not enough/found significance and calling in the life of his maker/gave his life up so he could look like someone greater


No return for either of 'em once they met the the reaper/realized their time was borrowed when they met the time keeper/on the porch with death they sit drinking lemonade/see the chain reactions of the choices that they made

One became a legend, survived by cash and possessions/thought his money answered all but had him askin' more questions/all his fans forget him cuz their on to the next one/cookie cutter rapper gets recycled when his life's done

Other chose a different route and walked it in obscurity/chose the Father instead of cash to cure his insecurity/when his life was over anyone could plainly see/God standin' there where a boy used to be

One left behind a legacy of changed hearts and lives/the other fit into a mold same raps and change the lies/see 'em both in your decisions, struggles that you go through/both their lives end but only one like its supposed to



from Words & Sounds, released March 5, 2013


all rights reserved



gospel lee Tulsa, Oklahoma

The Most Perfect Picture Of Imperfection.

Quality Hip-Hop For Imperfect People.

Bringing Light To Dark Places.

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