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Verse 1:

Down but not out, this is tough but I'm makin' it / Each day as it comes in even strides is how I'm takin' it / Awakening to see my life's completely different now / Coping step by step so my therapy's to walk it out / Down this dusty path I'm burdened and heavy laidened / Weight on my shoulders so heavy the ground may cave in / Sliding on the pavement, 'cuz this walk's a tug of war / When you steppin' back and takin' ground that's when your tugged forward / Both my arms are sore been pulling' back for so long / Given to the tension unaware of what was going on / Strength, determination, and my fight is being pulled out / The core of who I am and there's nothing I can do about / Just then is when I feel my legs begin to give out / Stumble and fall but don't let the rope slip out / Dragged through the gravel worn & weary feel the journey's toll / Then I see your hand stretched out I take it and we take control


Down but not out on the ropes but still swingin'
Came to my side and you brought my struggle meaning
Strength when I need it Catch me if I might slip
Fighting twice as hard now I got my sidekick

Verse 2:

Picked me up, brushed me off, showed me it wasn't too late / Helped me pull back on the rope and helped me shoulder the weight / When frustration set in that's when you became the levy / And when I wanted to throw in the towel, you wouldn't let me / You were there for every treatment and procedure / Always kept your cool when most reactions would be knee-jerk / Doctor's negative reports made the battle harder / You helped me keep my chin up & hold my head above water / On call in my corner and you never left my side / Ear to listen optimism know you always would provide / Helped me stand toe to toe when my worst fears confronted me / And through it all you never once shed tears in front of me / Treated me like normal showed me I was the same / Showed me all the people standing with me fighting for my change / They would send me scriptures, send me texts, some would even pray with me / Out of nowhere some would call, some would visit and just stay with me / Showed me it was okay to not always be strong / Gave me your strength when I was weak and all my strength was gone / New light in my eyes and I got my glow back / Pushing forward through this 'cuz I can't go back / You were there for every step always kept me on track / And through it all it's clear to see that you've always had my back / Never let me down always there when I needed you / So when you said it'd be okay I found myself believing you


Down but not out on the ropes but still swingin'
Came to my side and you brought my struggle meaning
Strength when I need it Catch me if I might slip

Not alone in this fight now I got my sidekick


from Beautiful Not Broken [Deluxe Edition], released May 13, 2014


all rights reserved



gospel lee Tulsa, Oklahoma

The Most Perfect Picture Of Imperfection.

Quality Hip-Hop For Imperfect People.

Bringing Light To Dark Places.

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