Shotclock Hustle (WORDS)

from Words & Sounds by gospel lee



Turn them captions off been silent for too long/my message got a voice much louder than any song/it's loud enough to wake you up from that dream/and bright enough to make all them hidden things seen

Show you the whole picture 1080p clear/His high death could change your life right now right here/this is the end of fear, the start of something more/this is who you've always been to who you've never been before

The master's reset, greatest of all restarts/total transformation no deceptions or all-sparks/just some new hearts, like the Tin man/little engine mindset, 'cuz now you think you can

And now you understand, that you've been accepted/this ain't the ivy league, you'll never be rejected/my message is redemption, peace, hope & restoration/truest form of love best expressed by salvation

I'm crazy 'bout this music, I'm obsessed with this message/I'll take it everywhere I'm pullin souls from the wreckage/& you can call me wreck less, my life comes 2nd/Ill scream it from my lungs till the very last second (on this shotclock hustle till the very last second)

I'm on borrowed time down to the last minute/started in '84, I don't know when it's ending/know everyday I'm closer than I was the day before/importance of my message is now urgent all the more

Cuz they unaware their next could be their last breath/they walk that green mile and dont know till they last step/so I'm steppin out, give me the ball/shot clock hustle like Durantualla Ima win 'em all

'Cuz I came to ball-lights out/shine while I do it, till my lights out/& I'm not alone, got a team with me/check my coaches record, now who could stand against me

They can't shut me up/I'll never go away/they can take my life/but love transcends the grave/they can't shut me down/I'll never run away/they can surely try/this love is here to stay

Only got one shot after that no turning back/every single moment of my life can't get it back/don't wanna hear a message wanna see what my life's about/so I make it count by the way I live my life out

Gotta get this word out put it on me/gotta get it out now tomorrows no guarantee/so my life on 10 I'm disturbing the peace/'cuz I gotta let 'em know it's an emergency

Message can't wait, I'll take the message to the streets/see me live it everyday hear me speak it on the beat/'cuz I gotta tell 'em how to cure the pain and the strife/God Our Sins Paying Eternal Life

It's the Gospel the Gospel you know just what it is/the Gospel the Gospel get it where you live/I'm the Gospel the Gospel I'll show you what it is/The Gospel the Gospel, I'll bring it where you live


Im on that shotclock hustle/he on that shotclock hustle/she on that shotclock hustle/we on that shotclock hustle

cuz it's Grace through Faith


from Words & Sounds, released March 5, 2013


all rights reserved



gospel lee Tulsa, Oklahoma

The Most Perfect Picture Of Imperfection.

Quality Hip-Hop For Imperfect People.

Bringing Light To Dark Places.

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