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Rappin' For Christ (feat. Jorge Roman)

from The Collective by gospel lee



One of the very first songs I did with my friend Jorge Roman when we were rapping as the group "LYRICAL TRUTH"


I'm emcee Gospel Lee, up on this microphone/Satan call in sick and leave yourself at home/'Cause if I find you, I wont leave you alone/The word of God to your chest and my foot to your dome/You couldn't get me when I was young, you cant get me now I'm grown/I play you out like Sampson, with a jawbone/Jesus Christ scares you like you were home alone/So turn off the lights and don't answer the phone/I've always wanted to rap, since I was a little boy/Representin' God, not bein satan's toy/Sellin' out to Christ, givin' Him all I've got/Now He gets the praise as I rock the spot/I'm not cold or lukewarm but I'm blazin hot/Like Eminem said you only get one shot/If i gained the whole world, then my soul would rot/Satan tempts me everyday, I don't give it a thought/Read my bible daily so my soul gets taught/I can't live for self 'cuz myselfs been bought/Raised with Christian heritage so you know I won't depart/Let Christ direct my life, 'cuz I liked His plot/God invented rap, weather you believe it or not/You don't believe it get saved, 'cuz the battles been fought/God gave me this gift, now i don't think twice/So satan take it somewhere else 'cuz I'm rappin for Christ

Satan, what you think you doin
None of that, you cant stop me now
so back up, cuz im rappin for Christ

It's the words of the sword that inspire my music/If I don't use my talent, I'll probably loose it/When I first started, I was rappin' for Jorge/ Then God said it's my plan, it's not yours/Ever since then I been rappin' for the LORD/Gonna' keep spittin' rhymes 'till I can't no more/As long as He gives me the words, I'm gonna keep it commin/I obey my parents, I be rappin' when I'm a hundred/Devil why you always remindin' me of my mistakes/Remember when you were a lizzard and God made you a snake/Why you tryin' to tell me that my God is fake/He's gonna be pretty real, when hes throwin' you in that lake/So back off kid, you need to close your lid/I still live because of what Christ did/My relationship's high, Im not settlin for the mid/I'm already bought so stop tryin' to bid/Used to push and shove now I'm givin' you hugs/It's the love from above, got me white like a dove/I'm livin in mud, but I'm cleansed by the blood/Devil hates to hear it, and that's what makes it so fun/Bringin' hip-hop back to the place it's supposed to be/Forget P. Diddy its Gospel and me/Representin' the king that died on the tree, and you what, hes commin' back eventually so

Ima sunday school boy, I grew up in the church/Now a man of God, hittin' the devil where it hurts/Demon advisory on my cd cover/Not gonna curse, not gonna dis your mother/Turnin' hate and crime into lovin' one another/And big bang theory I dont think so huh uh/Whats with lookin for answers in palms oh brother/Time to repent and put the faith in the father/Devil I'm just remindin' you of where I stand/Livin' out Gods plan, helpin the lost understand/Issues may not be clear, but their in God's hands/Now did you think you stood a chance against these two emcees/We heat it up when God flows down to like 200 degrees/And then we drunk in the spirit, prasin God on our knees/We winnin' souls every day, so my Jesus is pleased/Because I'm keepin it clean, no curse in my flow/I've got to love God so I can truly rock the show/I bathe myself in the blood so the devil's gotta go/Demons scatter sevin ways, I'm down for Christ you betta know/ That my God is the first and my God is the last/Satan don't trip tryin to play me with my past/Keep your rims keep your timms, keep your benz, and your ice/ I've stopped bein a hata' now I'm rappin for Christ


from The Collective, released August 28, 2011




gospel lee Tulsa, Oklahoma

The Most Perfect Picture Of Imperfection.

Quality Hip-Hop For Imperfect People.

Bringing Light To Dark Places.

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