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Radio Infection

from The Collective by gospel lee



a song about radios, truth, tail feathers, and infection.


Please, stop what your doing place your hands up in the air-Infection has begun just to save you from despair/It's not a problem with your speakers, don't try to fix your radio/The problems in your heart, so hear my lyrics and just breathe slow/Move to the beat, but it's better if you let go/Of what you thnk rap's about, and how my song should really go/I'm tryin to spread the truth so that you can't say that you didn't know/That life is more than what they rap about in the videos/It's more than a Benz or a Cadilliac truck/You ask me why I roll with Jesus, 'cuz He never gets smashed up/Because of this I'm always reppin' Jehova/The one who holds the keys to life, and not the keys to the 'rover/My life has never been the same, since I made the crossover/I pray for haters every day, and brush em off like dust on my shoulder/I put my pen to the paper, and pray before its written/In hopes that God will touch you with His holy composition/I pray it has an impact on every one I meet/Those who can't resist my lyrics, and those who (Do not resist the beat)/I know this kind of rap, you've never heard before/And the chances are you don't want to hear anymore/But what if church was the spot, instead of the club/The Holy Spirit made you hot, instead of lightin it up/And what if Christ really died just to save your soul/And you had to loose this life if you wanted control

Ima infect your radios with truth in my lyrics
And when it hits your ears, its going to go straight to your spirit
Because I got to preach Gospel so they can hear it
I got my call from Jehova, So now I'm takin it over

I see you gettin tipsy in the club night after night/You watch em shake their tailfeathers, but you know it ain't right/But that don't matter to you, cuz you just a P.I.M.P./You sold your soul to a unit trademarked with a G/You freak with her on the floor, you know that she wants to move/You dance and sing for the moment, but when it's over you loose/Whats worse you disrespect your mother, cussin' her out/Instead of prayin' in the closet, you always cleanin' it out/It never gets any better so you put on a show/You already down so tell me why you need to get low/I use the truth of Christ to reach your heart and get my point across/So I dont need Marvin Gaye, and I dont need Luther Vandross/All I need is God's truth mixed with Holy spirit/For a life changing infection due to everyone who hears it/When your hotel party's over at the holiday inn/He's just one call away so let new life begin

Its not 50 cent and its not Eminem/It's not Ludacris and it's not lil' Kim-It's not P. Diddy and it's not missy e/It aint the east side boys and it's not murphy lee/It's not about lil' jon, not about outkast/It's about the only one who can forgive you of your past/It's not about Chingy, not about Ursher/It's about where your soul is going for sure/It's not about twista, not about Shawn Paul/It's about Jesus Christ, will you make Him Lord of all/'Cuz if He's not Lord of all, then He's not Lord at all/Who's side are you on, who's name you gonna call/So now you've been infected with the truth in my lyrics/You can let it sink in, or pretend that you didn't hear it/Either way you know the truth, so you gotta make a choice/Obey your spiritual thirst, or just turn up the noise/You can either choose the faith or live with the clones/You can priase my God now, or chime in with the stones/It's one or the other there's no two ways about it/As for me I choose the faith, I'd breathe to death without it/Call me Morpehus, you want the truth, then I'll bring you to it/I'll show you to the door, but only you can walk through it/And don't believe everything, your agents tryin to say/'Cuz your radio wont help you on the judgement day


from The Collective, released August 28, 2011




gospel lee Tulsa, Oklahoma

The Most Perfect Picture Of Imperfection.

Quality Hip-Hop For Imperfect People.

Bringing Light To Dark Places.

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