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from The Collective by gospel lee



This song is the very first song I ever wrote.


Gospel here, 17 years old, tryin to fix a brand new flow/right now I'm dreamin'' of a sold out house, while God straight up rock tha show/I've got lil'' kids savin' up they allowance to cop my album in the store/I got heads walkin and talkin and poppin and lockin and hollerin straight up for more/I stroll up to the mtv music awards: best Christian video/Step up, say thanks, roll clip, grab mic, give props to who you know/but first gotta throw down to the one yall know they call "I AM"-It's Jesus Christ, He's the author of life, without whom your soul is damned/Now I didn't cuss, yall know me, I'm tryin' to educate the youth/'Cuz when I rhyme I don't spit fantasy, I just straight up preach the truth/'Bout how God died to save a soul, a wretched soul like me-He didn't die so you could be a thug drinkin' up on Hennessey/So won't you heed my advice, take it as heaven sent-Playa look at your life and begin to repent/And then you will start to see, that God loves you, He loves me/And by His blood we are free, so we've got the victory

Quit tryin'' to front, and stop bein' a hater/Give up your life to the one they call tha maker/This world is a cookie and He's the bakerIf you don't know soon Satan will Take ya

Now this question goes out to all you rappin'' in the world/Can you really take any of your ice with you, let alone your Benz, or your girl/Now how many girls do you say you got, don't even say just one/'Cuz in your video I saw fifteen of them, and yall was all straight havin'' fun/But when the Videos over, the girls go home, and your fun just starts to end/And you find yourself lookin' for another high, confusin' your fun with sin/Forget the girls wearin' no clothes, no morals and get a queen you can call your wife/Stop livin' this lie of the world, and live God's holy life/Donate your Benz, ML320 with the secrete cell phone compartment, to the AG national office: foreign missions department-Stop throwin' your cash for lost causes, give it all to AG missions-Spread the love to people all over the world, in all different positions/So now you start to see, that God's plan is the way/You've seen the light and seen right so now you can finally say/Forget your big body Benz, and your more money mantra/If your not down for God for real, then your in the wrong genre

I've got a killer headache, it's a fire in my brain/Im sick of all you emcees givin' Gospel Rap a bad name/Even though we all so different, they group us all the same/Only difference is I seek God and you just try to seek that fame/I get high on the holy spirit, meanwhile you get high on Mary Jane/While you out promotin'' your album, I'm straight up motin' Jesus name/So I've got news for you Nelly: God's the only number one/'Cuz' you could never save the world by givin' up your only son/And you would never hang on a tree for somethin'' that you did not do/You think its weak to stop the show and tell the crowd that God loves you/So quit frontin'', quit hatin'', give it up to you know who/Pick up your sword for the Lord and use the gift He's given you


from The Collective, released August 28, 2011




gospel lee Tulsa, Oklahoma

The Most Perfect Picture Of Imperfection.

Quality Hip-Hop For Imperfect People.

Bringing Light To Dark Places.

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