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from The Collective by gospel lee



early on as I started writing, I asked my self "why am I writing raps/doing shows?" This song answered that question.


You see I started out, age 17 just wantin' to write/Lyrics of my own that my God would like/So I took to my knees, began to pray and fast/Hopin' that my God would hear me and my faith would last/It didn't come right away, I prayed again and again/Then I could only thank God as ink flowed from my pen/He gave me all the words, I was set to bless men/Then anywhere I'd go, I'd rap about Him/Now people gave me props, on and on without end-But no matter what, honor went to my best friend/From then on kept it real, didn't have to pretend/I was livin' by example, light shone from within/But then I moved to college and my life went on/And God was still blessin' people with my same old song/Doin' my thing solo, but it wouldn't be long/Before I met that Christian rapper by the name of Jorge Roman/Our flows was kinda different like fire and ice/When our flows came together, we was rappin' for Christ/Proclamin' God's truth lyrically was our purpose/And flows about anything else was just worthless/Lettin' everybody know that this earth is/Not going to last, so look for Christ beneath the surface/Now we keep eachother right like iron sharpens iron/If Im ever gettin' dull, he'll alert me like a siren/We tighter than ever, one call, one vision/Point the lost to the cross and help 'em make the right decision/Now as LYRICAL TRUTH, we attackin' on the devil/Takin' back what he stole, 'cuz you know we never settle/Never thought a year ago, this day I thought I'd ever see/That God would take my talent, and turn it into ministry/Never thought a year ago this day I thought I'd ever see/That God would take my talent, and turn it into ministry

I do it for the lost, never commin' to church

I do it for the youth tryin' to bury the hurt

I do it for my God it's the gift He's given, now I save souls with flows, and bring the dead to livin'

I spit words of Christ primarily for lost people/Keep the Gospel sweet and simple like a packet of equal/I tell 'em Jesus left the earth, He's commin' back like a sequel/So give your life to Christ, and you gotta stop livin' evil/But they ain't feelin' me, they don't see the point I'm stressin'/Cuz they blinded and caught up in all of satan's deception/He's got 'em chasin after all the world has got to offer-Don't see he's behind it, like he's behind Harry Potter-Seein' but they ain't seein'/And when I talk, they don't hear me 'cuz they ain't believin'/And you know that it's rough, 'cuz my soul is greevin'/They gettin' fooled from a snake like adams wife in eden/And lost people never commin' to church, now that's a straight up shame/'Cuz when they come, members stare and it just adds to the pain/No one's shakin' their hand and they go out like they came/Church religion turns ineffective Jesus name/And when I ask 'em to come, they ain't even hearin it/'Cuz everyone they met was a straight up hypocryte/Always sayin' Jesus loves me and God is love, but when I'm cryin at school, nobody give me a hug/If that's how Jesus was then you can keep him all to yourself/I'm better off on my own, livin' life by myself/That's why I rep for Christ, by keepin' my walk/'Cuz you gotta live this life, not only talk the talk/I pray that somethin' in my rhyme just catches your ear/Convincin' you to accept Christ, cuz the end draws near/If you ain't believin' hear this message from the king/I gave my life for you 'cuz I loved you more than anything

This song goes out to the youth of the nation/Misunderstood kids in this lost generation/They walkin' 'round the place without a trace of hope in their eyes/Holdin' the devil's hand 'cuz he's dressed in disguise/Convincin' 'em that drugs and sex can heal a broken heart/And Baccardi makes life better when it's fallin apart/He's got em singin' for the moment and loosin' themselves, but when the pain gets too much, he's got 'em killin' themselves/That's why I rap for Christ, cuz Jesus Christ is life/So when you hear my rhyme pick up the word and put down the knife/Because my God can take your pain and ease away all your strife/So when you grow up and get married, you won't be beatin' your wife/Because the lyrics I spit contain spiritual lessons/That will bring you to life and wake you up like evanescence/The youth are walkin' dead in the pain and all their sin/But the words of life I spit can make 'em all live again/


from The Collective, released August 28, 2011




gospel lee Tulsa, Oklahoma

The Most Perfect Picture Of Imperfection.

Quality Hip-Hop For Imperfect People.

Bringing Light To Dark Places.

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