Life's Road

from The Collective by gospel lee



This song was released in very limited quantities years ago. Speaks of significance and meaning on the road of life.


I pray you guide me down this lifes road
'cuz this life's got these paths and I don't know
which one to choose, so I choose you and I just let it go
you have a plan for my life to make your name known
its you I'm leaning on

what you plan to do with your life and what you wanna be/eleventh grade at seventeen these questions that they askin' me/and I'm like I don't know I haven't really figured out/but in the back of my mind its all i ever think about/It's like every last one of my friends and all they peers got they life planned out for the next 60 years/yeah they gonna go to college get some big careers/get a spouse and a house bigger than Brittany spears/they gonna get two cars 3 kids and a boat/hit the lake in the summer in the winter the slopes/neighborhoods and schools best that money can buy/teach their kids to grab and even bigger piece of the pie/pull 25 retire from their 9-5/look back at it all with one last breath and they die/now thats all well and good if thats they way they wanna do it/but i just can't help thinking that there might be more to it/than a big job, big house, big cars, hot spouse/country club membership with 3 big bank accounts/please don't get me wrong I'm not hatin' if you got it/but a significant life is more than bills in your wallet/wanna impact lives and hearts for you/so I'll go where you want me and do what you say do/only problem is i'm not seein' it come together/you say you'll show it all to me when I can see past forever/said my eyes aren't big enough I should pray and stay true/so I'm on my knees askin' you

pray you guide me down this road/help me never turn back/give me strength for the way and supply all I lack/'cuz theres just so many things that's gone wrong since I chose to follow/but i know you might be testing me to see if I am hollow/but I'm never turning back 'cuz you're with me in the storm/as I brave the wind and waves feel faith and courage start to form/now I'm stronger than I was and I'm tougher than before/you say thats just what I needed for the plan thats in store/If ima play this game you gotta be the quarterback/I'm not takin' this journey if you're not my road map/I'll crash this boat in the harbor if you're not my house of light/'cuz i'll be steerin' wrong when I think I'm steerin' right/don't wanna be another spiritual coulda woulda been/sittin back at 83 talking 'bout how it shoulda been/'cuz I picked my own plans my own things/thinking what you had couldn't touch the american dream/now I've got all this stuff that I cant take with me/and when I meet you you gon say whats wrong with me/how could you trade purpose for four tires and metal/and how could 60 million dollars just cause you to settle/but that's not how it is and thats not how it's goin' down/if my life is a voice then I wanna make a sound/what's more I wanna speak life into other people/so when life comes unsown they'll choose you to be the needle/so I'll trust for your face and I'll yearn for your hand/In life you called me to follow and not to understand/and I pray as I follow you I slowly diminish/so when I reach my destination it will truly be finished


from The Collective, released August 28, 2011




gospel lee Tulsa, Oklahoma

The Most Perfect Picture Of Imperfection.

Quality Hip-Hop For Imperfect People.

Bringing Light To Dark Places.

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