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Kingdom Now

from The Collective by gospel lee



I was challenged in my faith because my life wasn't matching up to the one I was patterning it after and I really wrestled with this issue. Once I got clarity my life and the way I saw God and people changed completely.


I've fallen off the page off the map gone crazy
Stepped out too far and now it's too late to save me
It's in God's hands only He can help me now
The funny thing is He's the one that showed me how

I've been walking with God since early days of my youth/I'm older steppin closer now I've got ahold of truth/and I'm holdin' on tight 'cuz my faith is my own/I'm eatin solid food now 'cuz I'm spiritually grown/The more I walk everyday the more I see and know/mysteries and truths about Himself He's startin to show/Things I didn't understand are clear like when a fog lifts/not just understanding my dady's givin' me gifts/destiny and purpose a vision and a calling/I know I don't deserve this I see the grace falling/Now all I want is to be just like your Son/The feet move faster 'cuz the walk is a run

Im running with God and I'm pickin' up pace/not a day escapes I'm not seein' my need for grace/so in Holy desperation I'm always seekin' His face/showed me it's preparation for reachin' a higher place/so I'm thinkin' back/Christ is in me things He's done why ain't I doin' that/died for healing on the cross where is the healing at/moved in miracles and signs why don't I move like that/how can I move like that/plus Jesus said in fact/greater things would we do and I'm believing that/gave us authority on earth and so I'm takin' that/told us we can move the mountains and so I'll move 'em back/I move em further back/so I'm startin' to see you've got more under the surface/and I need a whole lot more because they think that it's worthless/I wanna be all that you are I wanna try/I used to be runnin' but now you've called me to fly

You'd better watch out thats "kingdom now"/preach awakened believers before Christ comes down/that theology contradicts the scriptures/that's just wrong like slapping your sister/the time or the hour no man can see/ preach anything else you preach conditionally/and Christ never mentioned any condition/when He spoke of coming back after the great commission/you got a good point and my mind is stirred/I see it analogous to receiving a prophetic words/like if I'm called to the nations I can receive that/believe ima do it before Christ comes back/likewise we see now more of God and His spirit/more people waking up as they learn to hear it/it ain't a condition for it wouldn't have worth/but an evidence of people calling heaven down to earth/thats what Jesus did thats why He was sent/establish heavens kingdom where ever He went/gave us the power to do it 'cuz He called us His friends/even told us to pray it in Matthew 6:10

'cuz He was Kingdom Now so I'm Kingdom Now
they need your Kingdom Now so I'll bring Kingdom Now
'cuz your Kingdom Now so I'm Kingdom Now
need your Kingdom Now so I'll bring Kingdom Now


from The Collective, released August 28, 2011




gospel lee Tulsa, Oklahoma

The Most Perfect Picture Of Imperfection.

Quality Hip-Hop For Imperfect People.

Bringing Light To Dark Places.

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