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The Collective

by gospel lee

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I'm emcee Gospel Lee, up on this microphone/Satan call in sick and leave yourself at home/'Cause if I find you, I wont leave you alone/The word of God to your chest and my foot to your dome/You couldn't get me when I was young, you cant get me now I'm grown/I play you out like Sampson, with a jawbone/Jesus Christ scares you like you were home alone/So turn off the lights and don't answer the phone/I've always wanted to rap, since I was a little boy/Representin' God, not bein satan's toy/Sellin' out to Christ, givin' Him all I've got/Now He gets the praise as I rock the spot/I'm not cold or lukewarm but I'm blazin hot/Like Eminem said you only get one shot/If i gained the whole world, then my soul would rot/Satan tempts me everyday, I don't give it a thought/Read my bible daily so my soul gets taught/I can't live for self 'cuz myselfs been bought/Raised with Christian heritage so you know I won't depart/Let Christ direct my life, 'cuz I liked His plot/God invented rap, weather you believe it or not/You don't believe it get saved, 'cuz the battles been fought/God gave me this gift, now i don't think twice/So satan take it somewhere else 'cuz I'm rappin for Christ HOOK: Satan, what you think you doin None of that, you cant stop me now so back up, cuz im rappin for Christ It's the words of the sword that inspire my music/If I don't use my talent, I'll probably loose it/When I first started, I was rappin' for Jorge/ Then God said it's my plan, it's not yours/Ever since then I been rappin' for the LORD/Gonna' keep spittin' rhymes 'till I can't no more/As long as He gives me the words, I'm gonna keep it commin/I obey my parents, I be rappin' when I'm a hundred/Devil why you always remindin' me of my mistakes/Remember when you were a lizzard and God made you a snake/Why you tryin' to tell me that my God is fake/He's gonna be pretty real, when hes throwin' you in that lake/So back off kid, you need to close your lid/I still live because of what Christ did/My relationship's high, Im not settlin for the mid/I'm already bought so stop tryin' to bid/Used to push and shove now I'm givin' you hugs/It's the love from above, got me white like a dove/I'm livin in mud, but I'm cleansed by the blood/Devil hates to hear it, and that's what makes it so fun/Bringin' hip-hop back to the place it's supposed to be/Forget P. Diddy its Gospel and me/Representin' the king that died on the tree, and you what, hes commin' back eventually so Ima sunday school boy, I grew up in the church/Now a man of God, hittin' the devil where it hurts/Demon advisory on my cd cover/Not gonna curse, not gonna dis your mother/Turnin' hate and crime into lovin' one another/And big bang theory I dont think so huh uh/Whats with lookin for answers in palms oh brother/Time to repent and put the faith in the father/Devil I'm just remindin' you of where I stand/Livin' out Gods plan, helpin the lost understand/Issues may not be clear, but their in God's hands/Now did you think you stood a chance against these two emcees/We heat it up when God flows down to like 200 degrees/And then we drunk in the spirit, prasin God on our knees/We winnin' souls every day, so my Jesus is pleased/Because I'm keepin it clean, no curse in my flow/I've got to love God so I can truly rock the show/I bathe myself in the blood so the devil's gotta go/Demons scatter sevin ways, I'm down for Christ you betta know/ That my God is the first and my God is the last/Satan don't trip tryin to play me with my past/Keep your rims keep your timms, keep your benz, and your ice/ I've stopped bein a hata' now I'm rappin for Christ
Quit 05:08
Gospel here, 17 years old, tryin to fix a brand new flow/right now I'm dreamin'' of a sold out house, while God straight up rock tha show/I've got lil'' kids savin' up they allowance to cop my album in the store/I got heads walkin and talkin and poppin and lockin and hollerin straight up for more/I stroll up to the mtv music awards: best Christian video/Step up, say thanks, roll clip, grab mic, give props to who you know/but first gotta throw down to the one yall know they call "I AM"-It's Jesus Christ, He's the author of life, without whom your soul is damned/Now I didn't cuss, yall know me, I'm tryin' to educate the youth/'Cuz when I rhyme I don't spit fantasy, I just straight up preach the truth/'Bout how God died to save a soul, a wretched soul like me-He didn't die so you could be a thug drinkin' up on Hennessey/So won't you heed my advice, take it as heaven sent-Playa look at your life and begin to repent/And then you will start to see, that God loves you, He loves me/And by His blood we are free, so we've got the victory Quit tryin'' to front, and stop bein' a hater/Give up your life to the one they call tha maker/This world is a cookie and He's the bakerIf you don't know soon Satan will Take ya Now this question goes out to all you rappin'' in the world/Can you really take any of your ice with you, let alone your Benz, or your girl/Now how many girls do you say you got, don't even say just one/'Cuz in your video I saw fifteen of them, and yall was all straight havin'' fun/But when the Videos over, the girls go home, and your fun just starts to end/And you find yourself lookin' for another high, confusin' your fun with sin/Forget the girls wearin' no clothes, no morals and get a queen you can call your wife/Stop livin' this lie of the world, and live God's holy life/Donate your Benz, ML320 with the secrete cell phone compartment, to the AG national office: foreign missions department-Stop throwin' your cash for lost causes, give it all to AG missions-Spread the love to people all over the world, in all different positions/So now you start to see, that God's plan is the way/You've seen the light and seen right so now you can finally say/Forget your big body Benz, and your more money mantra/If your not down for God for real, then your in the wrong genre I've got a killer headache, it's a fire in my brain/Im sick of all you emcees givin' Gospel Rap a bad name/Even though we all so different, they group us all the same/Only difference is I seek God and you just try to seek that fame/I get high on the holy spirit, meanwhile you get high on Mary Jane/While you out promotin'' your album, I'm straight up motin' Jesus name/So I've got news for you Nelly: God's the only number one/'Cuz' you could never save the world by givin' up your only son/And you would never hang on a tree for somethin'' that you did not do/You think its weak to stop the show and tell the crowd that God loves you/So quit frontin'', quit hatin'', give it up to you know who/Pick up your sword for the Lord and use the gift He's given you
Please, stop what your doing place your hands up in the air-Infection has begun just to save you from despair/It's not a problem with your speakers, don't try to fix your radio/The problems in your heart, so hear my lyrics and just breathe slow/Move to the beat, but it's better if you let go/Of what you thnk rap's about, and how my song should really go/I'm tryin to spread the truth so that you can't say that you didn't know/That life is more than what they rap about in the videos/It's more than a Benz or a Cadilliac truck/You ask me why I roll with Jesus, 'cuz He never gets smashed up/Because of this I'm always reppin' Jehova/The one who holds the keys to life, and not the keys to the 'rover/My life has never been the same, since I made the crossover/I pray for haters every day, and brush em off like dust on my shoulder/I put my pen to the paper, and pray before its written/In hopes that God will touch you with His holy composition/I pray it has an impact on every one I meet/Those who can't resist my lyrics, and those who (Do not resist the beat)/I know this kind of rap, you've never heard before/And the chances are you don't want to hear anymore/But what if church was the spot, instead of the club/The Holy Spirit made you hot, instead of lightin it up/And what if Christ really died just to save your soul/And you had to loose this life if you wanted control Ima infect your radios with truth in my lyrics And when it hits your ears, its going to go straight to your spirit Because I got to preach Gospel so they can hear it I got my call from Jehova, So now I'm takin it over I see you gettin tipsy in the club night after night/You watch em shake their tailfeathers, but you know it ain't right/But that don't matter to you, cuz you just a P.I.M.P./You sold your soul to a unit trademarked with a G/You freak with her on the floor, you know that she wants to move/You dance and sing for the moment, but when it's over you loose/Whats worse you disrespect your mother, cussin' her out/Instead of prayin' in the closet, you always cleanin' it out/It never gets any better so you put on a show/You already down so tell me why you need to get low/I use the truth of Christ to reach your heart and get my point across/So I dont need Marvin Gaye, and I dont need Luther Vandross/All I need is God's truth mixed with Holy spirit/For a life changing infection due to everyone who hears it/When your hotel party's over at the holiday inn/He's just one call away so let new life begin Its not 50 cent and its not Eminem/It's not Ludacris and it's not lil' Kim-It's not P. Diddy and it's not missy e/It aint the east side boys and it's not murphy lee/It's not about lil' jon, not about outkast/It's about the only one who can forgive you of your past/It's not about Chingy, not about Ursher/It's about where your soul is going for sure/It's not about twista, not about Shawn Paul/It's about Jesus Christ, will you make Him Lord of all/'Cuz if He's not Lord of all, then He's not Lord at all/Who's side are you on, who's name you gonna call/So now you've been infected with the truth in my lyrics/You can let it sink in, or pretend that you didn't hear it/Either way you know the truth, so you gotta make a choice/Obey your spiritual thirst, or just turn up the noise/You can either choose the faith or live with the clones/You can priase my God now, or chime in with the stones/It's one or the other there's no two ways about it/As for me I choose the faith, I'd breathe to death without it/Call me Morpehus, you want the truth, then I'll bring you to it/I'll show you to the door, but only you can walk through it/And don't believe everything, your agents tryin to say/'Cuz your radio wont help you on the judgement day
Motive 04:17
You see I started out, age 17 just wantin' to write/Lyrics of my own that my God would like/So I took to my knees, began to pray and fast/Hopin' that my God would hear me and my faith would last/It didn't come right away, I prayed again and again/Then I could only thank God as ink flowed from my pen/He gave me all the words, I was set to bless men/Then anywhere I'd go, I'd rap about Him/Now people gave me props, on and on without end-But no matter what, honor went to my best friend/From then on kept it real, didn't have to pretend/I was livin' by example, light shone from within/But then I moved to college and my life went on/And God was still blessin' people with my same old song/Doin' my thing solo, but it wouldn't be long/Before I met that Christian rapper by the name of Jorge Roman/Our flows was kinda different like fire and ice/When our flows came together, we was rappin' for Christ/Proclamin' God's truth lyrically was our purpose/And flows about anything else was just worthless/Lettin' everybody know that this earth is/Not going to last, so look for Christ beneath the surface/Now we keep eachother right like iron sharpens iron/If Im ever gettin' dull, he'll alert me like a siren/We tighter than ever, one call, one vision/Point the lost to the cross and help 'em make the right decision/Now as LYRICAL TRUTH, we attackin' on the devil/Takin' back what he stole, 'cuz you know we never settle/Never thought a year ago, this day I thought I'd ever see/That God would take my talent, and turn it into ministry/Never thought a year ago this day I thought I'd ever see/That God would take my talent, and turn it into ministry I do it for the lost, never commin' to church I do it for the youth tryin' to bury the hurt I do it for my God it's the gift He's given, now I save souls with flows, and bring the dead to livin' I spit words of Christ primarily for lost people/Keep the Gospel sweet and simple like a packet of equal/I tell 'em Jesus left the earth, He's commin' back like a sequel/So give your life to Christ, and you gotta stop livin' evil/But they ain't feelin' me, they don't see the point I'm stressin'/Cuz they blinded and caught up in all of satan's deception/He's got 'em chasin after all the world has got to offer-Don't see he's behind it, like he's behind Harry Potter-Seein' but they ain't seein'/And when I talk, they don't hear me 'cuz they ain't believin'/And you know that it's rough, 'cuz my soul is greevin'/They gettin' fooled from a snake like adams wife in eden/And lost people never commin' to church, now that's a straight up shame/'Cuz when they come, members stare and it just adds to the pain/No one's shakin' their hand and they go out like they came/Church religion turns ineffective Jesus name/And when I ask 'em to come, they ain't even hearin it/'Cuz everyone they met was a straight up hypocryte/Always sayin' Jesus loves me and God is love, but when I'm cryin at school, nobody give me a hug/If that's how Jesus was then you can keep him all to yourself/I'm better off on my own, livin' life by myself/That's why I rep for Christ, by keepin' my walk/'Cuz you gotta live this life, not only talk the talk/I pray that somethin' in my rhyme just catches your ear/Convincin' you to accept Christ, cuz the end draws near/If you ain't believin' hear this message from the king/I gave my life for you 'cuz I loved you more than anything This song goes out to the youth of the nation/Misunderstood kids in this lost generation/They walkin' 'round the place without a trace of hope in their eyes/Holdin' the devil's hand 'cuz he's dressed in disguise/Convincin' 'em that drugs and sex can heal a broken heart/And Baccardi makes life better when it's fallin apart/He's got em singin' for the moment and loosin' themselves, but when the pain gets too much, he's got 'em killin' themselves/That's why I rap for Christ, cuz Jesus Christ is life/So when you hear my rhyme pick up the word and put down the knife/Because my God can take your pain and ease away all your strife/So when you grow up and get married, you won't be beatin' your wife/Because the lyrics I spit contain spiritual lessons/That will bring you to life and wake you up like evanescence/The youth are walkin' dead in the pain and all their sin/But the words of life I spit can make 'em all live again/
How I get through life, bet its on my knees/Christ gets me through and He meets my needs/So I wanna share what I've got, want the kids to try this/But they don't want God, so it's like I've got a virus These kids dont even wanna hear about God I flow about Him and the Heads cease to nod It dosen't help when most Christians act like frauds I'll write these raps untill they know about (STOP) There was this dude one day at an open mic/He said I like your flow, it's really dope, and I'm all like, thanks but credit goes to the focus of my rap/You see it's only with Christ that I can make the hands clap/He said I heard about Christ, you can count me out/The way 'yall live with, I can live without/I don't need any rules that I'm never gonna follow/Way 'yall live, seems like hell is where we'll all go/Preecha's daughter told me dump the music of the world/Went to see D12 and saw the very same girl/She was clappin' and screamin', knew the words to every song/I thought in my mind just what the heck is going on/Wasn't it you, totin' your bible everywhere/And wasn't it you, tellin' me always 'bout prayer/And wasn't it you sayin that God really care(s)/But now I see you actin' like God's not there-She never saw the point that I tried to make/I'd rather be real on my own than live for God and be fake/So I hope you get now what I'm tryin' to say/I dont need God just to live the same way/ These kids dont even wanna hear about God I flow about Him and the Heads cease to nod It dosen't help when most Christians act like frauds I'll write these raps untill they know about God These kids dont even wanna hear about God I mention Him and they just look at me ood It dosen't help when most Christians act like frauds I'll live my life untill they know about God Supposed to be the salt of the earth and a city on a hill/Christ pours out of us and they come to get their fill/They supposed to see somethin' different that they just don't have/Despite pointless attempts just to plunder and grab/But I don't get it, it just don't add up/You say you pour out Christ, but you've got a broken cup/You say you live your life like the city on a hill/But why is the name of that mountain called your own selfish will/You try to say you act like the salt of the earth, but when salt looses flavor, then what's it really worth/Did you think no one would notice how you act two faced/Walkin' round contradictin' like your mind's misplaced/Lost people watchin' you, takin' mental pictures/They're tryin' to find out how your life lines up with the scriptures/'Cuz they hear you preach somethin' while you live somethin' else/You say you die for God, but then you live for your self/They don't wan't Christ, 'cuz they don't see the change/So when I share the Gospel, they just look at me strange/Sayin' live for Christ, now why should I try to/When Christians always talk the very same way that I do/Live for Christ, now why should I try to/When Christians always act the very same way that I do Christian emcees this verse is for you/'Cuz some of yall rap like we ain't got a job to do/It's all about industry, forgot about ministry/And when you speak on the mic, none of it makes sense to me/You water it down so you don't loose a single fan/You just want to hear "Hey dude I love your band"/Traded approval of God for acceptance of man/Then you turn around and try to say that this was His plan/Your flows are pretty good, but why you leavin' God out/If God's not in, ain't nothin' to flow about/Where's the truth in your lyrics, I used to hear before/God gave you this gift, but then you smashed it on the floor/You gotta be kiddin', rap is more than this/For real son, the veil wasn't torn for this/He didn't die so you could misrepresent like this/Betray Him with your life and rhymes instead of a kiss/We're acountable for every last word that we speak/We've been trusted to give 'em all the truth that they seek/So we gotta keep it righteous ever day of the week/On stage, off stage, and with everyone we meet/It ain't 'bout you, 'bout changin' hearts and minds/You think you playin' in the game, but you sittin' on side lines/The coach won't put you in 'cuz you fouled out so many times/Like when you take the glory for yourself in all of your rhymes/I ain't jokin', kids souls are at stake/We can't afford to be 'shamed, can't afford to be fake/So we gotta preach the truth in every flow that we make/'Cuz we'd all be secular if it wasnt for Christ' sake/We're the ones that these lost kids look up to/They just want something real and they don't want to be lied to-So if you choose to be luke/warm then I suggest you/Switch your name to novicane, 'cus these kids won't be feelin' you-
I used to war for the devil, now I battle for the Lord/All my sin cost so much, ain't no way I could afford/But Jesus paid my debt in full, so I'm brand new and restored/Rhymes and beats are weapons now plus I got that Holy sword-I'm fightin 365 and 24/7/I walk and talk with God like I was one of the eleven/'Cuz this life is a struggle, on and on without end/But with God on my team, ain't no way I can't win/So when I rip tha mic now, I'm straight reppin' jehovah/I pray before every show, that you make the crossover/We takin' dark souls and bring 'em into the light/Give 'em a bible, pray 'em up, and then they ready to fight/'Cuz satan's ready to strike, look like an angel of light/He try with all his might, make you ignore what is right/He try to do this like every day, that's why you gotta read the word and plead the blood when you pray/'Cuz we in a war, and everyday is a battle/Pick up your sword for Christ and baby put down the rattle/Keep in mind, you didn't choose Him, but He choose you/No matter how hard it gets, victory belongs to you The battle's been fought and won in Jesus name, You make the crossover now, and you'll never be the same This Christian life is a struggle, but for those who maintain The daily walk with God, victory to claim Got a demon on my left shoulder, angel on my right/One pushin for sin, one pullin for light/One tryin' to shine a light on tha situation/Showin' that choosin' sin only leads to frustration/Livin' for Christ, it ain't no walk in the park/They make it seem easy, but temptation comes hard/Comes to destruct us, make us for get who we are/Comes to persecute us and make the cross seem far/I'm tired of all the guilt and shame devil's givin' me/Livin' in darkness is not on my intinerary/I've tried sin already, come to find, I'm alergic/Seperation from God, it's just not worth it/But sometimes my human mind gets in a stage of confusion/And sometimes its just not clear which one I should be choosin'/But Livin' in the father's will, there's no substution/Devil did you happen to check the score, you're loosin'/So stop accusin' me of all the sin I've done/You may have got your battle, but the war is won/Like I told you before, I'm livin for the son/Showin' demons the door, thanks it's been fun Baccardi, Trojan, Kris, who needs 'em/Through Christ in heavenly heights, I'm a prince of the kingdom/I can bring my broken heart to the mercy seat, and He'll mend it for me and He'll cleanse it for me/By myself I'm weak, unstopable together/And I shall dwell in the house of the Lord forever/But for now I gotta do my best and serve you here first/Not just when its peechy keen, but when my bad goes to worse/When I need that Livin water, only you can quench my thirst/Because you reign supreme over heaven and the earth/So now I fight for Christ from the cradle to the hearse/And keep demons in Check with my fifteen second verse/
I see you cryin' and hurtin' wishin' that pain would go away/You've tried everything but me not hearin' what I got to say/Sent my Son upon that earth to shine past all your clouds of gray/Ill just take you as you are, all you gotta do is turn to me and pray From the time the earth began, I knew just who you were/I knew of every sad time and I knew just when they'd occur/like that time your dad ran out leavin' you with just your mother/one year later she would die leavin' you with just your brother/then you'd would bounce from one foster home into another/while you seal your broken heart, and tighten the cover/tryin' to ease the pain so yourself in sin you smother/unaware the heart breaks of your one true lover/then finally sixteen you bounce to a christian home/but you've been abused so much your heart's as cold as a stone/they try they best to try to show you love in all that they do/but no matter what they try that love is never getting through/no one could possibly love me not after all the stuff I've done/but I can possibly love you thats why I sent my only Son/no one could possibly love me they don't see the pain inside/but i could possibly love you thats why my only Son died seventh grade but you've grown up so quickly/'cuz you wanna be like rappers that you see on t.v./you've got every c.d., poster, video/and you save up all your cash just to see them at the show/they always rappin lots of cash and sex makes you a real man/and you only live life once so live it up as best you can/there's a big detail that they done left out of the plan/that when this life is over it's before me you will stand/and when you stand i wont care 'bout your benz or your ice/i'll only wanna know if you know my son Jesus Christ/all the rappers you admired will be scared shakin' like dice/'cuz if you didn't know my Son you must now burn to pay the price/so accept my Son now while you've still got the time/and when you come to me you ain't gotta give up rhyme/strengthen what remains tell of my grace and mercy/and i'll speak my truth through you like i speak through this emcee/ Where all my real Christians at holla back I really wanna know/'Cuz the only ones I'm seein' wear this title just for show/Yeah you feelin' all special like you really set apart/but you really don't love people 'cuz I'm not really in your heart/you supposed to be different supposed to live up in the light/not supposed to be drinkin not supposed to be clubbin every night/shouldn't see them worldly movies shouldn't listen to worldly music/if my sickle looks like wheat, then how can I use it/did you read that Great Commision do you get what it means/now why would lost people want me when you do the same things/now props to all my servants who be swingin holy sword/because you've placed yourself apart great will be your reward/please don't grow weary you gonna reap in due time/your crown of life gon be dope 'cuz its really gonna shine/to all my undercover christians in the near and far lands/if lost people 'round you die then their blood is on your hands
Life's Road 03:31
I pray you guide me down this lifes road 'cuz this life's got these paths and I don't know which one to choose, so I choose you and I just let it go you have a plan for my life to make your name known its you I'm leaning on what you plan to do with your life and what you wanna be/eleventh grade at seventeen these questions that they askin' me/and I'm like I don't know I haven't really figured out/but in the back of my mind its all i ever think about/It's like every last one of my friends and all they peers got they life planned out for the next 60 years/yeah they gonna go to college get some big careers/get a spouse and a house bigger than Brittany spears/they gonna get two cars 3 kids and a boat/hit the lake in the summer in the winter the slopes/neighborhoods and schools best that money can buy/teach their kids to grab and even bigger piece of the pie/pull 25 retire from their 9-5/look back at it all with one last breath and they die/now thats all well and good if thats they way they wanna do it/but i just can't help thinking that there might be more to it/than a big job, big house, big cars, hot spouse/country club membership with 3 big bank accounts/please don't get me wrong I'm not hatin' if you got it/but a significant life is more than bills in your wallet/wanna impact lives and hearts for you/so I'll go where you want me and do what you say do/only problem is i'm not seein' it come together/you say you'll show it all to me when I can see past forever/said my eyes aren't big enough I should pray and stay true/so I'm on my knees askin' you pray you guide me down this road/help me never turn back/give me strength for the way and supply all I lack/'cuz theres just so many things that's gone wrong since I chose to follow/but i know you might be testing me to see if I am hollow/but I'm never turning back 'cuz you're with me in the storm/as I brave the wind and waves feel faith and courage start to form/now I'm stronger than I was and I'm tougher than before/you say thats just what I needed for the plan thats in store/If ima play this game you gotta be the quarterback/I'm not takin' this journey if you're not my road map/I'll crash this boat in the harbor if you're not my house of light/'cuz i'll be steerin' wrong when I think I'm steerin' right/don't wanna be another spiritual coulda woulda been/sittin back at 83 talking 'bout how it shoulda been/'cuz I picked my own plans my own things/thinking what you had couldn't touch the american dream/now I've got all this stuff that I cant take with me/and when I meet you you gon say whats wrong with me/how could you trade purpose for four tires and metal/and how could 60 million dollars just cause you to settle/but that's not how it is and thats not how it's goin' down/if my life is a voice then I wanna make a sound/what's more I wanna speak life into other people/so when life comes unsown they'll choose you to be the needle/so I'll trust for your face and I'll yearn for your hand/In life you called me to follow and not to understand/and I pray as I follow you I slowly diminish/so when I reach my destination it will truly be finished
Transplant 03:51
I need the eyes of the Father so I'm seein what they goin through heart of the Father so it breaks when they ain't knowin you feet of the Father so I'm goin' where they goin' to hands of the Father when I touch 'em they get touched from you I got a new life I'm standin' so tall/I put my trust in you so ima never fall/and yeah you paid all so ima live right/used to nightcrawl but now I'm steppin in the sunlight/puttin old things down as I walk with the Lord/and with every single step He tryin' to lead me to more/wondering where I'm going how long how far/but then Im finding out I'm on a path to His heart/and all along the way my vision started to change/'cuz some people in my life they just ain't lookin the same/like they missing a piece of themselves and its strange/'cuz I can see their incompletion despite how they re-arrange/destined for destruction complacent with confusion/discouraged disappointed disheartened disillusioned/depressed and distraught for lack of a solution/and its killing me that I don't care that I've got the solution Woke up in a basement came across a bell/had Jackson written on it had a tale to tell/spoke of desperate people searching with incomplete lives/knew she'd seen the same folks 'cuz she had the she had the same eyes/bewildered and amazed as the bell began to told/talked with power and grace reverberating in my soul/tears streamed out for the children of the King/a passion was ignited and the bell began to sing/of the glory of God and the burden for revival/and how one day youth in the streets would meet the God of the bible/I knew then what I lacked and also what I should be/a bell to ring your truth and love and Holy passion stirred in me Eyes with the sight of grace see past where you've been where you're from nomatter what you've done/see all where you could go not blinking at all the times you've been back to square one/sees you as a champ not a chump first class all star not defeated 'cuz you overcome/sees life in your future in the face of the face of the haters when they say that you will be undone/feet that walk past what they say when they judge/run to meet you where you're at tryin' to offer you love/different to you 'cuz you've never seen this fashion/feet of God's people supposed to bring compassion/wanna be your hands 'cuz your hands heal/I touch people your touch they feel/can't see you you move through us/your touch in words is not enough/wanna see them when I close my eyes wanna be your truth shed light on the lies/don't wanna sit on the sidelines no more/but I wanna be the best player on the whole floor/would you see though me speak through me/do what you do but please use me/to bring them back so they can see/wanna do the job so Lord I need
Kingdom Now 03:46
I've fallen off the page off the map gone crazy Stepped out too far and now it's too late to save me It's in God's hands only He can help me now The funny thing is He's the one that showed me how I've been walking with God since early days of my youth/I'm older steppin closer now I've got ahold of truth/and I'm holdin' on tight 'cuz my faith is my own/I'm eatin solid food now 'cuz I'm spiritually grown/The more I walk everyday the more I see and know/mysteries and truths about Himself He's startin to show/Things I didn't understand are clear like when a fog lifts/not just understanding my dady's givin' me gifts/destiny and purpose a vision and a calling/I know I don't deserve this I see the grace falling/Now all I want is to be just like your Son/The feet move faster 'cuz the walk is a run Im running with God and I'm pickin' up pace/not a day escapes I'm not seein' my need for grace/so in Holy desperation I'm always seekin' His face/showed me it's preparation for reachin' a higher place/so I'm thinkin' back/Christ is in me things He's done why ain't I doin' that/died for healing on the cross where is the healing at/moved in miracles and signs why don't I move like that/how can I move like that/plus Jesus said in fact/greater things would we do and I'm believing that/gave us authority on earth and so I'm takin' that/told us we can move the mountains and so I'll move 'em back/I move em further back/so I'm startin' to see you've got more under the surface/and I need a whole lot more because they think that it's worthless/I wanna be all that you are I wanna try/I used to be runnin' but now you've called me to fly You'd better watch out thats "kingdom now"/preach awakened believers before Christ comes down/that theology contradicts the scriptures/that's just wrong like slapping your sister/the time or the hour no man can see/ preach anything else you preach conditionally/and Christ never mentioned any condition/when He spoke of coming back after the great commission/you got a good point and my mind is stirred/I see it analogous to receiving a prophetic words/like if I'm called to the nations I can receive that/believe ima do it before Christ comes back/likewise we see now more of God and His spirit/more people waking up as they learn to hear it/it ain't a condition for it wouldn't have worth/but an evidence of people calling heaven down to earth/thats what Jesus did thats why He was sent/establish heavens kingdom where ever He went/gave us the power to do it 'cuz He called us His friends/even told us to pray it in Matthew 6:10 'cuz He was Kingdom Now so I'm Kingdom Now they need your Kingdom Now so I'll bring Kingdom Now 'cuz your Kingdom Now so I'm Kingdom Now need your Kingdom Now so I'll bring Kingdom Now
God forgive me the person I am it's not who I wanna be/two very different people so much that it is hard to see/the overtaking of the latter upon the former/when it happens one day I'll be a modern day reformer/Ima modern day conformer on the roster suited up/but not makin' plays like a modern day bench warmer/I'm like the scarecrow no brain in desperate need of a donor/'cuz I can't figure out this odyssey like I was Homer/God forgive me I'm in a coma/need the aroma/of your love to kill this sin-cancer like chemo to a melanoma/am I alone or are you really as close as they say/in the scriptures you're one call away/and it also say that you be stickin' closer than a brother/what if I ain't got no brother/how am I supposed to discover/the truth thats so apparent but they've made it undercover/that you're my greatest lover/and you've loved me like no other/God forgive me because I know I'm stressin' you out/believe the message of the cross and still I struggle with doubt/and the complacency know its killin' you 'cuz its killin' me/graspin for breath blind though I can clearly see/God forgive me 'cuz I've got all the time in the world/but when it comes to time for you I've got more time for my girl/got more time for Facebook more time for MTV/got more time to grab that high score on my 360/God forgive me these hands I've used to glorify your name/and they hands I use to slap you in the face are the same/these hands I fold when I pray to lift when I praise you/are the very same hands that stab your back and betray you/God forgive me honestly you should love somebody else/been abused and rejected I don't even love myself/see these scars on my wrist they're so I can feel alive/because there's not much left and I'm still tryin' to survive/ God forgive me do you forgive me could you forgive me would you forgive me I FORGIVE YOU 'CUZ MY LOVE YOU COULD NEVER COMPREHEND/IT'S DEEPER THAN DEPTH HAS NO ORIGIN OR END/IT'S HOW ALMIGHTY GOD CALLS MANKIND FRIEND/IT'S WHY I LET MY SON DIE/ITS WHY HE CAME BACK AGAIN/ITS HOW RED BLOOD SHED MAKES YOU WHITER THAN SNOW/DON'T SEE JUST WHERE YOU'RE AT BUT ALL WHERE YOU COULD GO/DON'T SEE JUST HOW YOU ARE BUT SEES WHO YOU COULD BECOME/A MOON IN THIS DARK TO REFLECT THE LIGHT OF MY SON/AND YOUR DOUBT AND UNBELIEF YOU CAN HAND IT ALL OVER/NEVER STOOD A MATCH AGAINST THE LOVE OF JEHOVAH/NEVER STOOD A CHANCE LIKE ONE VERSUS THREE/WAS MY LOVE GRACE AND PATIENCE VERSUS YOUR COMPLACENCY/I CAN MAKE YOU BRAND NEW YOU BAD COULD NEVER BE BAD ENOUGH/MY LOVE RESTORES ALL SOB STORY ISN'T SAD ENOUGH/YOU DID IT ALL RIGHT HOW COULD GRACE FIT THE EQUATION/IF YOU HAD YOUR GOLD STARS WHY WOULD YOU EVER NEED SALVATION/YOU COULD SLAP ME IN THE FACE I'D STILL TURN THE OTHER CHEEK/YOU COULD STAB ME IN THE BACK I'D STILL WANT YOU AT MY FEET/'CUZ I LOVED YOU WAY MORE THEN I COULD ANYTHING ELSE/LOVED YOU ENOUGH TO MAKE YOU IN THE IMAGE OF MYSELF/SEE THESE HOLES IN MY HANDS THEY'RE SO YOU COULD FEEL ALIVE/I CAME SO YOU COULD HAVE LIFE AND NOT JUST MERELY SURVIVE
Where He at where He at Wanna be where Christ is at 42 months 30 years in the making/They tried to take His life but it wasn't for the taking/They saw but lacked the understanding of a certain kind/to see the greatest intervention in the history of time/touchin' deaf ears till they heard in 5.1/opened blind eyes like lampshades to see the light of the Son/and dead people got raised up like every other weekend/'cuz to Him they wern't dead they were merely just only sleeping/His messages were deep illustrations so profound/parables of truth caused religious men to drown/never swam or got shipwrecked but calmed the winds and walked the water/knew that even mother nature was subject to the Father/He was love and compassion moved everything He did/He was wisdom and peace it was just the way He lived/He was courage and patience gentleness and kindness/knowledge and truth but you had to change your mindset/dependent on the Father like every single day/power for the week for the lost was the way/light in the darkness mercy and grace/humility division servitude the word and faith everything the culture was He just was the opposite everything the the culture said His truth just demolished it the sin that held me down He hung and died to abolish it and when He rose up out that grave I got the greatest scholarship 'cuz where He's at things get changed from dirty old to shiny new I got that change inside of me so where He's at you'll find me too Reason why I'm payin' homage tribute and honor to/this individual 'cuz where he's at is where the honor's due/he's bitten into truth tighter than pitts or pirañas do/know him like I know him and you'll wanna pay some honor too/faithfully dedicated to the youth of the masses/who's breathin' to death for life as each moment passes/a lost cause no use seen by most Christian people/he believes and sees the best when the best is unbelievable/teaches with his life example shines bright in all he do/pours himself into the future door stays open more than wall-mart do/this is who he is not merely just what he was called to do/impact these ones so hard that they just turn around and follow truth/he knew the ones who rhode the bus the ones who rolled the range rovers/ones who's parents was blue collar ones who's parents were shareholders/ones who stayed in the trailer lived in the apartments/ones who stayed on 3 stories with 83 compartments/he saw them all as one and he loved them all the same/he knew that Christ died so each could know His name/He was love and compassion moved everything He did/He was wisdom and peace it was just the way He lived/He was courage and patience gentleness and kindness/knowledge and truth but you had to change your mindset/dependent on the Father like every single day/power for the week for the lost was the way/light in the darkness mercy and grace/humility division servitude the word and faith nowadays they lookin' for the Christ but they ain't findin' Him my advice get to Pastor Chad and spend some time with him and you'll see that Jesus lives all up on inside of Him plus and He wants to make His home all up on inside of men Pastor Chad I love you and you know I'll always have your back but just between you and me I wanna be a Chadilliac Chadilliac Chadilliac wanna be a Chadilliac Jesus pimped a Cadillac (Jesus ain't pimp Cadillac) Nick nack and a paddy wack Gospel roll that Chadilliac
out of 365 this one ranks up as the worst day/contempt for valentines goes back to like the 3rd grade/just like it was yesterday all the cards and candy/my gift bag should have been a nub it never came in handy/only valentines I got were marked "extra" "left over"/kids called me hebrew 'cuz the way I got passed over/now I'm the biggest looser chocolates escapin' my grasp/and I can't seem to bum a piece from anyone in my class/but when I was a teenager everything changed/cept' for February 14th that seemed to stay the same/went from "do you like me yes or no" to "do you wanna steady go" candygrams to roses but for me I'm still left alone/that was ten years ago I'm still the same dude/'cept for confidence grown and a different attitude/but it's hard when you're 26 and you on your own/constantly reminded you ain't got no one to call your own/let's not talk about Facebook/I can't discuss the madness/seems like 3 more couples marry every time I check my status/so and so likes whats her face they're now in a relationship/so and so proposing is now what's her face's profile pic/and it's complicated part of me is glad/but the biggest part of me is just the slightest bit mad, 'cuz I've been single so long nicknamed the odd man out/and on Feburary 14th I'm really standin' out/you think it helps to know right now you've got me single for a reason while Mrs. right's with john denver on a jet plane leavin/help me out on valentines help my heart stand still/'cuz I can't be in my 40's know as the black Steve Carell I WAS WITH YOU BACK THEN WHEN YOU AIN'T HAVE ALOT OF YEARS/I SAW YOU LEFT OUT AND OVERLOOKED I SAVED ALL OF THE TEARS/BET I KNOW REJECTION/NO PAIN EQUAL/EXCEPT FOR BEIN' OVERLOOKED BY YOUR OWN PEOPLE/IT HURTS WHEN YOU STADIN THERE YOU GOT SO MUCH TO OFFER/BUT YOU DON'T LOOK THE PART/SO THEY DON'T EVEN BOTHER/KNOW WHAT IT IS TO BE ALONE/I KNOW ABOUT LONELY/WHEN MY MOMS WAS OUT OF REACH MY POPS TURNED HIS BACK ON ME/THIS SONGS ABOUT LOVE AND NO ONE KNOWS ANY BETTER/SO LET ME TELL YOU WHAT I DID SO WE COULD BE TOGETHER/I TOOK 37 SCRATCHES FROM A CAT WITH NINE TAILS/30 PEOPLE LIED ON ME EACH TELLIN 9 TALES/I AIN'T SAY NOTHIN' BACK/ALL I SAID WAS I AM/THAT WAS ALL THEY NEEDED NOW THEY ON SOME KILL THIS MAN/THEY BEAT ME LIKE A CRIMINAL/BEAT ME WORSE THAN RODNEY/BUT YOU WERE IN MY HEART SO ALL THE BEATINGS COULD'NT STOP ME/THEY TOOK ME DOWN AND LAID ME UP PUT ME IN A GRAVE/BUT I WASN'T QUITE FINISHED SO I ROLLED THE STONE AWAY/DIDN'T WANNA DO IT BUT IT WAS THE ONLY WAY/THAT WE COULD KNOW EACH OTHER AND YOU AIN'T HAVE TO STAY AWAY/KNOW WHAT YOU SEEIN' ON FACEBOOK REMEMBER MY MATHMATICS/HALF PERSON PLUS HALF PERSON EQUALS A WHOLE LIFE OF HALFNESS/AND IT'S THE GREATEST WACKNESS THE WHOLE TRYIN' TO BE COMPLETE/THEY TRY TO GIVE OUT LOVE BUT NEVER ACCEPTED LOVE FROM ME/SO THE LOVE THEY GIVIN' OUT IS NOT REAL COUNTERFEIT/ICEBERG IN THE OCEAN SINKIN THEIR RELATIONSHIP/TRUSTIN' IN ME KNOW I'LL NEVER TAKE YOU THAT ROUTE/YOU ALONE RIGHT NOW BUT YOU'LL BE SOLID IN AND OUT/COMPLETE IN MY LOVE IN MY LOVE MADE WHOLE/SO YOU'LL CONNECT WITH MRS. RIGHT BODY SPIRIT AND SOUL/SPEAKIN' OF MRS. RIGHT SHE'S WITH ME SAFE AND SOUND/YOU'RE TOO YOUNG TO REMEMBER JOHN'S PLANE WENT DOWN/I'M CURRENTLY DOIN' WORK COMPLETING HER TOO/PROCESS LOOKS LIKE WHAT I'VE STARTED IN YOU/KNOW IT FEELS LIKE FOREVER LIKE RESCUE TO A HOSTAGE/BUT I'M ALWAYS ON TIME WE JUST GOT SOME DIFFERENT WATCHES/REMEMBER WHEN YOU'RE LOOSIN HOPE AND YOU WANNA TURN BACK/IM WITH YOU WHEN YOU'RE BY YOURSELF LIKE THE NAME OF THE TRACK


released August 28, 2011




gospel lee Tulsa, Oklahoma

The Most Perfect Picture Of Imperfection.

Quality Hip-Hop For Imperfect People.

Bringing Light To Dark Places.

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